The Hunter Brothers are proud Saskatchewan boys, former hockey players who are still passionate about the game and a few of the most genuine people you'll come across in this day and age. They were born and raised and still reside in Saskatchewan, so the Humboldt Broncos bus crash hit extremely close to home for the Hunter boys. They joined forces with fellow Canadian Country star Paul Brandt and one of the best female hockey players of all time, Hayley Wickenheiser to pay tribute to the people affected by the horrible tragedy. They also did their own tribute to those lost and affected in the best way they know how, singing one of the most moving songs off their 'Getaway' album, it's called "Where I Wanna Live When I Die." They're sporting Humboltd Broncos' t-shirts and holding their hockey sticks at centre ice. It's moving, it has meaning and it truly shows the type of people the Hunter Brothers are.