If you are looking for seamless harmonies that send chills up and down your spine, raising the hair on your arms, you’ve picked the right album to listen to!

Currently out on the road with Paul Brandt, High Valley and Jess Moskaluke on The Journey Tour, the Hunter Brothers are starting 2019 off on a hot streak. This includes the release of their sophomore album ‘State Of Mind.’

Their debut album ‘Getaway’ gave us a sneak peak of what these Saskatchewan boys are capable of. Consisting of five “brothers,” JJ, Dusty, Luke, Brock and Ty it’s pretty clear cut where the comradery, chemistry and authentic sound comes from. There is nothing phony, fabricated or manufactured about their sound, message and lyrics. Born and raised on a grain farm (where they all currently reside and work) in Shaunavon, SK the Hunter Brother’s song's tell a story, giving you an inside look to their lifestyle, passions, beliefs and values which are evident in the new album ‘State Of Mind.’

The album kicks off with a tune called “Country State of Mind” which is a pretty good introduction to what life was like growing up, and to date for the Hunters. The sound of what we can only imagine is a tractor at the beginning of the track, has an uncanny resembling feeling to Paul Brandt’s “Convoy” intro with the sound being that of a truck. This is not surprising as the Hunter Brothers, although touring with Paul Brandt and High Valley, they also have a very close knit relationship with both within and outside of music. We had a chance to chat with the Hunter Brothers in Hamilton at the 2018 CCMA’s to discuss in short their relationship with Paul, High Valley and Jess Moskaluke.

“Next Year,” is an uplifting track about living in the moment and living your best life, in the present day. This relatable track is sure to be stuck in your head and shoot a spark of inspiration through your veins. “Want” is another powerful song explaining how you “want the things you don’t need, you need the things you don’t have, you have the things you don’t want, ‘til you lose 'em." A good message of wanting what you don’t have and not realizing what you’ve lost until it’s gone.

If you ever have a chance to meet the Hunter Brothers you will see the passion and kindness they all possess, including a love and bond with one another and for their family. This passion of love and honour breaks through in tracks such as “Natural,” “When You Love A Girl,” “I Still Fall” and “Northern Lights.”

If we had to pick our personal favourites on the album “Silver Lining” is sure to hit the top of that list, along with their current single “Lost” which they released to country radio late last year and a music video along with it. As you can see, with all the songs mentioned above it’s next to impossible to choose a favourite on the album, but we highly recommend listening to it over and over again to try to!

The Hunter Brothers are featured in our ‘Comin’ In Hot 2019’ series alongside several other future stars of country music who are really rising this year.

Be sure to catch them at a live show and see if they are coming to a city near you on The Journey Tour!  


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